Math 250B, Fall 2021

Lecture Videos and Notes (prepared in advance)
Tablet Notes, Section X01 (prepared in class)
Tablet Notes, Section X02 (prepared in class)

Course Outline
Pacing Schedule for Section X01
Pacing Schedule for Section X02
Formula Sheet
List of Suggested HW     Problems and answers are on D2L.

You may choose to use the optional text by Larson and Edwards as a reference.
If so, please be aware that Larson and Edwards numbers its sections differently than our course.
Here is a Section Map

Test 1 Section X01       Solutions
Test 1 Section X02       Solutions
Test 2 Section X01       Solutions
Test 2 Section X02       Solutions
Test 3 Section X01       Solutions (will be posted Wed Dec 1st)
Test 3 Section X02       Solutions (will be posted Mon Nov 29th)

Omit #35. We'll cover some of these during the last week of classes.
Review Problems     Solutions Part 1     Solutions Part 2     Solutions Part 3    
Section reference for each review problem is here.
Plan for Week 14 is here.

To prepare for Test 3 do Practice Problems 37-39, 41, 44, 45, 48, 49.
Practice Problems (Problems by Gilles Cazelais)
Solutions Part 1     Solutions Part 2     Solutions Part 3 (Solutions by Leah Howard)

This year's tests will not necessarily be similar to these.
Test 1       Solutions to Test 1
Test 2       Solutions to Test 2
Test 3       Solutions to Test 3
Take-Home Test 4       Solutions to Test 4